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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Get some fresh air outdoors with Google
    8. Juni, von Can Comertoglu, Nofar Levi — Search, Maps, Google Nest,
    As temperatures heat up and summer officially begins across the United States, many of us are taking the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. If you have an adventure on the horizon, here are two ways you can use Google tools to stay safe and healthy during your summer activities. Check (...)
  • How this engineer got the career boost she needed
    8. Juni, von Caitlin Morrissey — Developers, Diversity and Inclusion,
    Saskia Bobinska was excited when she came across the application for the Women Developers Academy (WDA) program in Europe. After spending two years in isolation, thanks to the pandemic and having multiple back surgeries, she was looking for a way to advance her career in tech. She thought the (...)
  • A bigger piece of the pi: Finding the 100-trillionth digit
    8. Juni, von Emma Iwao — Google Cloud, Developers,
    The 100-trillionth decimal place of π (pi) is 0. A few months ago, on an average Tuesday morning in March, I sat down with my coffee to check on the program that had been running a calculation from my home office for 157 days. It was finally time — I was going to be the first and only person to (...)
  • ¡Que aproveche! Spain’s culinary heritage
    8. Juni, von Elisabeth Callot — Arts & Culture, Google in Europe,
    Food is at the very heart of Spanish culture, with traditional recipes being passed down from one generation to the next across the nation’s regional communities. It’s a fragile heritage though, and one that can be easily lost in the rapid pace of today’s world. To preserve this heritage, Google (...)
  • The Anywhere School 2022
    7. Juni, von Shantanu Sinha — Chromebooks, Google Workspace, Education, Classroom,
    Editor’s Note: Join us for Google for Education’s product launch event, The Anywhere School 2022, to find out about the latest features to help students pursue their personal potential. Each year, my team and I speak with thousands of educators around the world to better understand how students (...)

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