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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • It’s time for a new EU-US data transfer framework
    19. Januar, von Kent Walker — Analytics, Google in Europe,
    If you rely on an open, global internet, you’ll want the European Union and the U.S. government to agree soon on a new data framework to keep the services you use up and running. People increasingly rely on data flows for everything from online shopping, travel, and shipping, to office (...)
  • The harmful consequences of Congress’s anti-tech bills

    18. Januar, von Kent Walker — Public Policy,
    Update: Ahead of the committee vote on the bill, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have circulated an amendment to the Senate bill. Below is our statement from Kent Walker: These changes concede every concern that has been raised about the bill — and solve none of them. For example, the (...)
  • This year’s Doodle for Google contest is all about self care
    18. Januar, von Selly Sallah — Doodles,
    I used to be the type of person who took pride in filling my days up. I loved checking items off my to-do list, saying yes to everything and filling my week with social plans. I took pride in productivity and living a fast-paced life. But the pandemic and the shift to new ways of working and (...)
  • The biggest lesson from a local news startup: listen
    18. Januar, von Kelsey Ryan — Google News Initiative,
    Editor’s note from Ludovic Blecher, Head of Google News Initiative Innovation: The GNI Innovation Challengeprogram is designed to stimulate forward-thinking ideas for the news industry. The story below by Kelsey Ryan, founder and publisher of The Beacon, is part of an innovator seriessharing (...)
  • Schneider Electric secures its teams through Android Enterprise
    18. Januar, von Simon Hardy-Bistagne — Android enterprise,
    Editor's note: Today’s post is by Simon Hardy-Bistagne, Director of Solution Architecture for Schneider Electric. The global company specializes in energy management and automation, with operations in more than 100 countries. At Schneider Electric, we are responsible for providing sustainability (...)

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