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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Google News Showcase launches in Romania
    9. Juni, von Elisabeta Moraru — News, Google in Europe,
    Journalists and news publishers play a key role in helping us understand important topics as they unfold. Access to trustworthy information is important to all of us, and at Google we’re dedicated to supporting the reporters and publishers who work tirelessly to deliver us news. Through Google (...)
  • Lessons from the first GNI Startups Lab Europe
    9. Juni, von Vera Penêda — Entrepreneurs, Google in Europe,
    How many early-stage media startups in Europe can you name? Probably not that many. And while Europe is a promising environment for new journalism outlets, the reality can be tough. Across the continent, media entrepreneurs face a fractured market with myriad different languages, cultures and (...)
  • Land cover data just got real-time
    9. Juni, von Tanya Birch — Google Earth,
    Our planet is changing dramatically in ways that are visible even from space. These changes are in part because of climate change amplifying environmental disturbances, like wildfires and floods, and human activity, like deforestation and urban development. Detailed information about these (...)
  • Expanding our efforts to combat financial fraud in ads

    9. Juni, von Alejandro Borgia — Google in Asia, Ads,
    Combating financial fraud in advertising is a top priority. And to do our part in this cross-industry effort, we’re constantly developing new tools and policies that help better protect the people who use our products and our advertising partners from bad actors. Today we’re updating Google’s (...)
  • Our commitment to Latin America’s digital future
    Editor’s note: You can also read this blog in Spanishand Portuguese. I’ve always believed technology is a powerful enabler for businesses and communities. During the pandemic, we’ve seen how digital tools have helped create jobs and make economies more resilient and sustainable. This is especially (...)

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