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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • The biggest lesson from a local news startup: listen
    18. Januar, von Kelsey Ryan — Google News Initiative,
    Editor’s note from Ludovic Blecher, Head of Google News Initiative Innovation: The GNI Innovation Challengeprogram is designed to stimulate forward-thinking ideas for the news industry. The story below by Kelsey Ryan, founder and publisher of The Beacon, is part of an innovator seriessharing (...)
  • Schneider Electric secures its teams through Android Enterprise
    18. Januar, von Simon Hardy-Bistagne — Android enterprise,
    Editor's note: Today’s post is by Simon Hardy-Bistagne, Director of Solution Architecture for Schneider Electric. The global company specializes in energy management and automation, with operations in more than 100 countries. At Schneider Electric, we are responsible for providing sustainability (...)
  • So you got new gear for the holidays. Now what?
    14. Januar, von William Ellis — Google Nest, Pixel Buds, Devices & Services, Pixel,
    The new year is here, and the holidays are (officially) over. If you were gifted a new Google gadget, that means it’s time to get your new gear out of the box and into your home or pocket. We talked to the experts here at Google and asked for a few of their quick setup tips, so you can get (...)
  • This talking Doogler deserves a round of a-paws
    14. Januar, von Michelle Budzyna — Googlers,
    Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? You’re not alone. Over the last year, dog “talking” buttons have taken the pet world by storm. With the push — er paw — of a button, dogs are now “telling” their humans what they need, whether that’s water, food or to go outside. Some pups have even become social (...)
  • Increasing Google’s investment in the UK
    14. Januar, von Ronan Harris — UK,
    Image credit: Pollitt & Partners 2015For almost two decades Google has been proud to have a home in the UK. Today, we have more than 6,400 employees and last year we added nearly 700 new people. We also strengthened our commitment to the UK in 2021 with the laying of a new subsea cable — (...)

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