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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Gen Z creator uses the web to educate on racial justice
    8. Februar, von Chanelle Garcia — Google for Creators,
    Kahlil Greene is a self-described “Gen Z historian” who uses social media to advocate for change. He established himself as an influencer, educator and voice for justice with his thought-provoking videos, engaging oratory style and eye-catching graphics. He has more than 500,000 followers and 20 (...)
  • Treats, trends and touchdowns — it’s game time
    8. Februar, von Edna Zone — Google Assistant, Google TV, Search, YouTube,
    We are just days away from the biggest night in football and Google is here to help you prep. Warm-up with some trending food and stats, get ready to watch the game with Google TV, tackle football-related queries with Assistant and re-watch all your favorite commercials on AdBlitz. Start to (...)
  • Ask a Techspert: What does AI do when it doesn’t know?
    8. Februar, von Iz Conroy — Ask a Techspert, Health, AI,
    As humans, we constantly learn from the world around us. We experience inputs that shape our knowledge — including the boundaries of both what we know and what we don’t know. Many of today’s machines also learn by example. However, these machines are typically trained on datasets and information (...)
  • Finding answers gets better with Chrome
    8. Februar, von Yana Yushkina — Chrome,
    Every month, we look to add more features to Chrome to help you find information and get things done while navigating the web, whether you're on your laptop or phone. Here’s what’s new:Jump back into your Journeys and find what's next Our days are constantly filled with interruptions. You might (...)
  • Introducing the new Search Ads 360
    8. Februar, von Brian Kravitz — Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads,
    A lot has changed since Search Ads 360 was developed more than ten years ago. The ways people search and the expectations for the ads they see have evolved and expanded. As a result, advertisers are managing more complexity than ever before and turn to platforms like Search Ads 360 to simplify (...)

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