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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • VPN by Google One comes to iOS
    1. Februar, von Larissa Fontaine — Google One,
    When we launched the VPN by Google One for Android in the U.S., we wanted to give you an extra layer of online protection for your phone and the peace of mind that your connection is safer. Today, we’re sharing the latest updates to the VPN, which help bring protection to even more people and (...)
  • Hufsa Munawar wants Pakistani women to feel safe online
    1. Februar, von Rana Abdelhamid — Developers, Diversity and Inclusion,
    “Despite the amazing talent we have in the Pakistan women, a lot of them are not comfortable being online for safety reasons,” says Hufsa Munawar. Hufsa is a community manager for Google who works with developers in Pakistan, and is extremely aware of the challenges women in her region face on (...)
  • Exploring first-party data in our Publisher Privacy Q&A

    1. Februar, von Justin Bradbury — Google Ad Manager,
    10:25 In the third episode of our Publisher Privacy Q&A series, we’re talking about first-party data and its important role in the privacy-centric future of digital advertising. Questions covered in episode 3:What is first-party data?How does first-party data differ from third-party data?Why (...)
  • Ask a Techspert: What’s a subsea cable?
    28. Januar, von Annie Ward — Ask a Techspert, Google Cloud,
    Whenever I try to picture the internet at work, I see little pixels of information moving through the air and above our heads in space, getting where they need to go thanks to 5G towers and satellites in the sky. But it’s a lot deeper than that — literally. Google Cloud’s Vijay Vusirikala recently (...)
  • Offers on Google Play: a new destination to find great deals
    27. Januar, von David Winer — Google Play,
    Since 2012, Google Play has been a one-stop shop for discovering and enjoying your favorite apps, games and digital content. This week we’re launching “Offers” — a new tab in the Google Play Store app to help you discover deals in games and apps across travel, shopping, media & entertainment, (...)

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