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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Ease back into your office routine with Google
    29. April, von Mallory De Leon — Google Assistant, Shopping, Maps,
    As many people start returning to the office, we know there’s a lot to (re)figure out — like what to wear on the first day back, how long your commute will take and how to stay productive. So we’re sharing some tips for getting back into the office groove with a little help from Google (...)
  • Visualizing Google Cloud with 101 illustrated references
    29. April, von Priyanka Vergadia — Google Cloud,
    Let’s say you make cat posters, and you want to sell them online. You can create a website, but you need to host it online so people can access it. A server hosts the code that lets customers select which cat poster they want, and then buy it. Another server hosts the database of your inventory, (...)
  • This YouTuber wants to bring financial literacy to Africans
    28. April, von Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde — Entrepreneurs, Google in Africa, Small Business,
    Nicolette Mashile wanted to find a more fulfilling career. So in 2016, she resigned from her job as a Client Service Director at a Johannesburg advertising agency. But quitting meant Nicolette was forced to stick to a stricter budget. She began sharing her money-saving tips on YouTube and it (...)
  • Women Techmakers expands online safety education
    28. April, von Rana Abdelhamid — Safety & Security, Developers,
    Online violence against women goes beyond the internet. It impacts society and the economy at large. It leads to damaging economic repercussions, due to increased medical costs and lost income for victims. It impacts the offline world, with seven percent of women changing jobs due to online (...)
  • Coming together to protect the global internet

    28. April, von Karan Bhatia — Public Policy,
    The global internet began with an incredible promise: a shared resource that everyone could access wherever they lived. Over the last few years, this ideal has been strained to the breaking point as governments around the world have adopted conflicting regulations that are fragmenting the (...)

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