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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Take a step-by-step tour of your Chrome privacy settings

    6. April, von Audrey An — Chrome,
    Your browser plays a big role in your online experience — including protecting your privacy. And in Chrome, we don’t take this responsibility for granted. That's why we've made your privacy and security controls easier to understand, and today, we’re introducing our latest tool to help you (...)
  • 100 versions of Chrome later: What we learned along the way
    6. April, von Parisa Tabriz — Chrome,
    When we introduced Google Chrome back in 2008, our goal was to build a browser that was fast, secure, and easy to use. For over a decade, we’ve worked with the larger ecosystem to drive innovation on the web forward and build a user and developer experience that helps people and developers get (...)
  • Google Maps burrito trends to guac your world
    6. April, von Chip Andip — Maps,
    April 7 is National Burrito Day in the U.S. So get ready to roll over to your favorite burrito joint and treat yourself to the extra guac. Whether you like your burrito in a bowl or rolled, take a bite out of these Google Maps trends we’ve served up for you — from the most popular national and (...)
  • Humans Behind Search: Doodle guest artist, Joe Impressions
    6. April, von Kirstin Wright — Search, Google in Africa, Doodles,
    Joe Impressions is a graphic designer based in Nairobi, Kenya. In honor of what would have been the 71st birthday of the late professor Okoth Okombo of Nairobi University, Joe served as a local guest artist to create a Google Doodlereflecting Professor Okombo’s contribution and legacy that (...)
  • Make Google Maps your copilot with these new updates
    5. April, von Rubén Lozano-Aguilera — Google on iOS, Maps,
    Say goodbye to road trip and vacation planning woes with new updates to Google Maps 👋 . Whether you’re driving around a new city or heading out on a weekend road trip, we’re launching new improvements including toll prices, a more detailed navigation map, and iOS updates to help you plan your (...)

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