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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • How we build with and for people with disabilities
    19. Mai, von Eve Andersson — Accessibility, Gmail, YouTube, AI,
    Editor’s note: Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. We’re also sharing how we’re making education more accessibleand launching a newAndroid accessibility feature. Over the past nine years, my job has focused on building accessible products and supporting Googlers with disabilities. Along (...)
  • Making Android more accessible for braille users

    19. Mai, von Nimer Jaber — Accessibility, Android,
    Editor’s note: Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and we’ll be sharing more on how we’re partnering with people with disabilitiesand what we’re doing to make education more accessible. The heart of our mission at Google is making the world’s information truly accessible. But the reality is (...)
  • Milan Cathedral, up close and beautiful
    19. Mai, von Mons. Gianantonio Borgonovo — Arts & Culture, Google in Europe,
    There is a particular shade of pink in the marble that makes Milan Cathedral unique. It is this marble, from Candoglia quarries, that inspired Milan Cathedral Remixed to take a fresh look at the iconic Duomo.The heart of the city The Duomo has stood in the center of Milan for 635 years — a proud (...)
  • Augmented reality brings fine art to life for International Museum Day
    18. Mai, von Michelle Luo — Arts & Culture, Google AR & VR,
    Want to listen to the article instead? Press play. Have you ever dreamt of having your portrait taken by a world-famous artist? Or wished a painting would come to life before your eyes? This International Museum Day, we’re unveiling three new Art Filter options via the Google Arts & Culture (...)
  • Fostering inclusive spaces through Disability Alliance
    18. Mai, von Fei Zou — Google in Asia, Googlers,
    I was 2 when my parents discovered I had polio, which impacted my ability to stand and walk. Growing up in China, I still remember the challenges I faced when I wanted to go to college. Back then, all potential candidates had to pass a physical test, which posed a challenge. Knowing this, my (...)

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