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Wie schön ist Google, sagte der kleine Tiger ...


  • Protecting people’s privacy on health topics

    1. Juli, von Jen Fitzpatrick — Public Policy, Safety & Security,
    Protecting our users’ privacy and securing their data is core to Google’s work. That’s why we design products to help people keep their personal information private, safe, and secure — with easy-to-use tools and built-in protections. Privacy matters to people — especially around topics such as their (...)
  • A milestone for King’s Cross: a local innovation hub
    1. Juli, von Ronan Harris — Google Workspace, UK,
    Over the last few years, King’s Cross has truly transformed, becoming a thriving hub of innovation and creativity. The transformation is a sign of the UK’s strengths, with its incredible local talent and strong history of leading technological and scientific progress. These strengths inspired us (...)
  • Google and U.S. developers find agreement over Google Play store

    1. Juli, von Wilson White — Public Policy,
    The Android app economy has helped create nearly two million American jobs; developers around the world have earned more than $120 billion using the Google Play Store. We’re proud that Google Play helps developers build great apps and rewards them for doing so. And we know that a successful (...)
  • New Google Workspace features to help solo business owners
    30. Juni, von John Shriver-Blake — Google Workspace, Docs, Calendar, Gmail,
    Over the past few years, we’ve seen more people forging their own path and turning their personal passions into businesses. These individual business owners, sometimes called “solopreneurs,” wear many hats as they run and grow their businesses: salesperson, marketer, accountant, the list goes on. (...)
  • Google for Mexico: Economic recovery through technology
    30. Juni, von Julian Coulter — Google in Latin America,
    During the pandemic, different technological tools allowed us to stay connected, collaborate and find the best responses to overcome the challenges in front of us. As we move forward, we want to become Mexico's trusted technology ally and contribute to the country with programs, products and (...)

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